Peggy's Pet: a Cocker Spaniel - Oct 7, 2001

Welcome to the family ...
Congrats, Peggy! What a great addition to the family! ************************************************************** ? Want to read of 1000's of cards for sale ? ? or the same cards for trade for my wants ? ? Want to visit some interesting links ? Then view and Bookmark my WEBSITE at (click on): Main Page.. Players A-J Players K-R Players S-Z Goalie Cards Cards/Katch Parallels.. My Wants... -------------------------------------------------- My EBAY and auction items at (click on): -------------------------------------------------- My MAIL address is: BJ Arsenault Site 18, Comp A-0, RR #2, Wolfville, Nova Scotia Canada B0P 1X0 Thanks and Happy (Card) Hunting !!! BJ --------------------------------------------------

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